Beethoven Brilliance

This Wednesday lunchtime, we were treated to a spectacular performance of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 1 in D major. Performed by our Head of Strings, Martin Cropper and Anne Bolt, Head of Piano, the recital was one of utmost finesse and musicality. Ms Bolt’s delicate, feather-like touch on the piano made the complex and beautiful piano lines sound like a soft waterfall, falling effortlessly underneath the fingers tips and echoing through the church. Great balance was heard between the violin and piano with Mr Cropper’s warm tone and soft vibrato complimenting the piano lines whilst remaining the main melodic instrument.

Their companionship as performers was palpable. Having performed together many times in the past, it was a joy to witness the understanding between them as they contrasted dynamics and moved the melody and accompaniment between them. Sheltering from a dreary January lunchtime, the audience was entirely captured and taken to the Beethoven sound-world, thanks to our talented Heads of Piano and Strings.

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