Beautiful Bach Double Violin Concerto

On Wednesday 22 May, for our weekly Music at Lunchtime concert, we were lucky to hear the complete performance of Bach's Double Violin Concerto BWV 1043. The intensity and beauty of this concerto makes it stand out even among the finest of Johann Sebastian Bach's instrumental works.

The opening Vivace movement was played by Maya and Emily, brilliantly executing the intricate contrapuntal themes and weaving melodies. Natasha and Martin Cropper (Head of Strings) followed with the beautifully lyrical Largo ma non tanto, sublimely weaving in perfect balance with each other and the piano part. The music has an air of great intensity and calmness. Lucy and Martin brought the recital and concerto to a close with the Allegro movement. A change of mood brought the audience out of their trance from the Largo movement, with its excting interplay, the Allegro has been described as 'tempestuous' and 'aggressive'. 

A strong and impressive performance from all violinists, well done!

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