Barrow House win Debating Championship!

Congratulations to Barrow House who won the ‘Champion of Champions’ inter-house debating competition. Barrow House is only one of two Middle School houses to have ever defeated their Upper School opponents in the Champions final!

The final was a closely fought contest between Barrow (proposing) and Round House (opposing), debating the motion ‘The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in war is immoral’.

Barrow’s strong case included arguments such as the use of UAVs causes emotional desensitisation regarding destroying human life, and that war is morally wrong, so therefore anything used as a tool of war is immoral. 

Barrow’s debating skills saw them win every round in the competition, during which they opposed motions including ‘The sugar tax is a pointless example of the nanny state' and ‘Online anonymity guarantees a hiding place for criminals’.

Teacher of Classics Dr Will Leveritt said, “Well done to all the debaters who took part in the competition. Both sides in the final put forward powerful cases, but the winners spoke eloquently and engagingly, cohered as a team, and their speeches had a logical structure. They also genuinely developed over the course of the competition.”

Debating is a great way for Middle School pupils to improve their communication and presentation skills, as they learn to argue, question and dispute different issues. Not only do pupils take part in inter-house competitions, but they also take part in regional contests.

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