Author Matt Dickinson visits Oakham School

Filmmaker, mountaineer and author Matt Dickinson recently paid a return visit to Oakham. Form 2 pupils had all received his book The Everest Files to read over the summer holiday and Matt’s visit was the culmination of several weeks of work on ‘The Everest Reading Challenge’.
Pupils joined him on his journey to the summit of Everest and considered the subject of risk i.e. what is it, why engage with it and how to deal with it.
Matt also posed numerous questions to truly challenge their thinking such as what could kill you on Everest? Is a 4% chance of fatality an acceptable level of risk? What food types would you need to take with you to Everest? (And why Toffee Crisps are not a good idea)
Following Matt’s two return trips to Everest in the last two years, he used his own video footage to really bring The Everest Files to life.  In addition he shared some fascinating facts with the pupils to help them understand the mountain and its environment.
Mrs Lucy Breag, Librarian said, “It was a truly captivating talk that provoked plenty of discussion and the pupils were totally engaged. Matt encouraged them to hold onto their crazy dreams from childhood, and to use them to inspire their future.”
This event is just one of a number that Oakham's Smallbone library arranges throughout the year to encourage and develop literacy.  Earlier in the term students also enjoyed meeting renowned children’s author Kevin Crossley-Holland.


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