Author Joe Craig spins a tale of his journey into writing

author-joe-craig-oakhamAuthor Joe Craig spins a tale of his journey into writing
8 December 2015
Joe Craig, author of the ‘Jimmy Coates’ action-adventure series gave two highly animated talks to Oakham School pupils, first to Form 2, then to Lower One and Form 1.
He regaled Form 2 pupils with tales of his youth including his earlier days as a talented trumpeter before injury stopped short this career, as well as the inspiring tale of a month in California where, aged 16, he had a deathbed meeting with his favourite author, leaving him with his words of advice for writing: “tell the story”.
Pupils were both gripped and amused by the tales. But how much was true and how much was the product of the imagination of a talented storyteller…?
Form 1 and Lower One were also treated to the tales of the younger Joe and he used his ‘top tip’ for story-writing to show pupils how ideas can be woven together into a tale. All stories need a problem and there are 3 key types of problem in a story:

  • Impending doom – some sort of external threat to survival
  • Personal problems / relationship issues
  • Psychological issues – personal struggles / inner demons.

The pupils were asked to provide examples of these problems and Joe spun a glorious, adventurous tale using the pupil suggestions of terrorist unicorns taking over the world and a friendship with a tree!
So impressed with the story created from their ideas, some budding entrepreneurs amongst the pupils started negotiating royalty fees from Joe’s next book!

Author Joe Craig spins a tale of his journey into writing

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