Australia Exchange Experience

We are pleased to be hosting five exchange students from Ruyton Girls and Trinity Grammar Schools in Melbourne Australia for 3 weeks. They have joined their Oakham exchange partners and have been taking lessons at Oakham School, as well as experiencing life in the UK.   

During the summer their Oakham exchange partners will in turn experience life in the respective schools as part of the wide and varied exchange programme that Oakham offers.

 Form 6 student Milly, tells us about her time at Ruyton Girls School last Summer.

 “ I can honestly say that I have loved so, so many moments that being a part of this exchange has provided. To pick but a few experiences, I have explored laneways, markets, galleries, multiple shopping centres (culture!) and the royal botanic gardens. I have gone to the Yarra National Park after school with my exchange partner Kathryn’s dad to watch kangaroos thump around in the wild as the winter-sun set; I have devoured dim sims on the barbie, eaten wallaby and visited (twice!) Houghton’s tea room (the oldest tea room in the young, but very developed, Melbourne) for fresh scones and the coffee that the city is so renowned for.

This sense of happiness continued during the days I spent at Ruyton; a prestigious, yet undeniably friendly and inspiring, girls day school in Kew. I was swiftly welcomed by the Year 12 girls, attending birthday parties and volleyball practises, Friday-night freak-shake dates in the city (no Saturday school here) and even going away on the Y12 residential camp to Penguin Island. Whilst at Ruyton I made friendships with girls who I’m still in touch with now, and hopefully will be for many more years.

They say that travelling changes you, and truly being immersed in Kathryn’s culture changed me and shaped me to be a better, more emotionally mature, more confident person. I would whole-heartedly recommend to everybody who can to partake in an Exchange. Yes, the prospect might be daunting, but I genuinely believe that this will remain one of the best experiences of my life; one that I will look back on in 50, 60, 70 years with a great fondness."

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