Artists visit London galleries for GCSE project research

Form Five artists recently battled storm Doris to visit two art galleries in London to research ideas for their GCSE exam project entitled “Beginning and/or End”. 

Hayden, one of the students on the trip, tells us more:

"We started at The Tate Modern where we were fortunate to be able to view the Robert Rauschenberg retrospective. The exhibition showed work dating from the early 1950s through to 2008 when he died. It was full of large-scale mixed media paintings using images taken from JFK, old masters and astronauts, assemblages and even a mud bath using liquid cement that gurgled the more you watched. We sketched sections of his large work and took notes to reflect our feelings.

Each room was presented differently and kept my interest until the end. I especially admired his work entitled “Bed”. The artist actually used a real quilt, sheet and pillow, having initially thought of using it as a canvas as he had run out of money. As he painted it, he could not take away the fact that it was still a quilt so decided to construct just that. His street signs that pointed out of the paintings were interesting as this appeared to show a beginning and an end.

We were also given time to explore more of the main gallery and look at other works of art that connected to our themes.

After lunch, we went to the Saatchi Gallery to view the “Painter’s Painter’s” exhibition. In contrast to the Tate Modern, the Saatchi is relatively small yet the paintings were spaciously displayed. Here we viewed the work of nine contemporary painters. It contained large scale, eye-catching canvases illustrating different approaches to painting. Some were intricately painted, others resembled graffiti art. This formed a good contrast to our earlier experiences."

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