Art Trip to Yorkshire

Form 5 Artists visited the Hepworth Gallery and the Sculpture Park in Yorkshire as part of their exam preparations.

Director of Art, Ms Elinor Brass, tells us more:-

“First, we headed to the exciting Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, which has a large collection of sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, as well as an interesting photography show. It also displayed an exhibition curated by the artist Magdalene Oduno, which showed her inspirations alongside her own work. The students made drawings, took notes and photographs. 

After lunch, we headed to the magnificent Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a totally different experience.  As well as viewing the beautiful work of Guiseppe Penone in the main exhibition space, the students enjoyed the chance to explore the sculptures set within the Yorkshire countryside. 

The trip was a fantastic opportunity to see the artworks first hand, and our students will now be able to bring their notes and ideas from the day back to the classroom and use them to develop their exam projects.

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