Alternatives to University Evening

Students considering their next steps took part in an ‘Alternatives to University Evening’ where they were able to learn about an array of future options – including apprenticeships.

“It was a superb evening full of informative talks and opportunities for students to really understand what different paths they could take,” says Oakham’s Head of Careers Pippa Gibbs.

The evening saw a range of speakers talk through the variety of apprenticeships available. John Hillis from Unifrog gave clear advice about both Degree Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships. Whilst Mrs Gibbs outlined how students can best use the Careers Department to access and apply for them.  

Two advocates of apprenticeships spoke about their first-hand experience. This included Tristan Ropel (OO 15) who is currently an apprentice at KPMG, and Bruce Kemp, who works at Perkins and talked about Caterpillar apprenticeships.

“It’s certainly becoming increasingly popular for students to consider and apply for apprenticeships,” continues Pippa.  “The evening was tailor-made to outline all of the options to both students and parents so they are able to make a more informed choice. Whilst the majority of Oakhamians still choose to go on to university, our aim is to ensure this decision is well thought through and considered.”

There was also a superb talk from Charlie McGrath from Objective Travel Safely on how to organise a safe gap year, along with a mini fair with a variety of exhibitors to talk to –including Amazing Apprenticeships, KPMG, Unifrog, Perkins/Caterpillar, Projects Abroad and Sport Lived. Some exhibitors included OOs – with Ellie Walker representing Art History Abroad, Martha Kirk representing Africa & Asia Venture and Tristan Ropel from KPMG.

This is just one of many events that students are able to attend, to help them decide their future.  Oakham’s Careers department has been recognised as being outstanding in the provision it offers to students.  Notably it was awarded the highly respected Quality in Careers Standard for the second time in March 2017,  which denotes the School’s excellence in providing careers advice and guidance.

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