Adventure, Fun and Learning at Camp for Form 1 pupils

Pupils in Form 1 enjoyed an exciting outdoor adventure to mark the start of their Oakham learning journey, with an overnight outdoor learning camp, developing essential life and problem-solving skills.

The inspiration for this year’s Exploring Learning Camp, now in its fifth year, came from Floodland, a book by Marcus Sedgewick about a dystopian society surviving on islands, which pupils are studying in their English lessons this term. Prior to the trip, the pupils had planned how to be a good survivor by taking responsibility for their own packing and devising a rota for the various activities within their groups. In camp they were responsible for organising their own schedule, delegating tasks, solving problems that came up and the sharing of tents.

Throughout the two days, pupils were encouraged to consider three key skills: communication, collaboration and organisation to help them to engage, be proactive and persevere when faced with various tasks, no matter how challenging they might find them. 

Upon arrival at the camp the ‘survivors’ were taught how to set up their tents, collect firewood and cook a meal on a portable stove. A wide range of activities were on offer, ranging from building shelters, learning how to make fires, canoeing, outdoor cookery and tree climbing. New experiences were enjoyed, with pupils overcoming challenges and learning new skills. Building camp fires, storytelling, toasting marshmallows and making new friends all added to the fun, for both pupils and staff alike.

Mr Jon Andrews, Director of Teaching and Learning said, “We had a brilliant two days on camp, as illustrated by the smiley, happy faces on Saturday lunchtime. We set the pupils the learning objectives of being organised, collaborating and communicating effectively in their tutor group teams. Individually and collectively, they were fantastic. New friendships and experiences from camp will stay with the pupils as they continue their Oakham School journey.”

Form 1 will now have a chance to reflect on their experiences at camp and build upon the skills they have started to develop.

To see more photos from the camp view the gallery.

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