Accomplished performance of Baroque masterpieces from Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir each presented a Baroque masterpiece in the concert on Friday evening.  The joy of hearing not only Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with four different and very talented soloists in the first half and the tragic tale of Dido and Aeneas by Purcell in the second part with some accomplished and mature performances amongst the many soloists was a treat indeed.

Megu began with a 'Spring' that was poised, communicative and flowing and she was followed by 'Summer' as Grace brought energetic passagework and a clear contrast of mood to the performance.  Julia offered the ‘Autumn’ with plenty of virtuoso moments and some rustic rhythms and then Jess completed the set of four violin concertos with a spiky ‘Winter’ full of flurries of chilly notes and a beautiful legato as the melodic line spiralled upwards.

Dido was sung with expressive sonorous tone and a resonant anguish by Imogen and this contrasted perfectly with Belinda (Lily's) clear tone and precision singing.  They shared the telling of the tale with Beth as Second Woman and Eleanor as the Spirit.  Morgan as Aeneas phrased his heroic lines with style and projection and Tom showed agility and energy in ‘Come away, fellow sailors’. The carefully woven counterpoint between Emma and Rebecca as the Witches was engaging and a triumph of teamwork, and Will as the Sorceress brought an impressive gravitas and sonority to his role. This was an evening full of contrasts and highlights in two of the most treasured works in the Baroque repertoire. 

If you would like to listen to a recording of the concert, please follow this link:

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