A well-delivered programme of piano music

This week’s lunchtime concert was a recital of piano music from Bach, Brahms and Haydn, beautifully performed by Form 7 music exhibitioner Millie.

Millie opened her recital with Bach’s Gigue from the French Suite in G, a cheery rhythmic dance with a complex fugal counterpoint, which was performed masterfully. Next, Millie performed Brahms’ more introspective Intermezzo in A minor, which features a simple, beautiful melody, under which lurks a subtle feeling of sombreness and distress, which was emphasised perfectly with sensitive playing and well-considered moments of pause. The recital ended with Haydn’s Sonata in E minor. From the turbulent character in the opening Presto to the extravagantly embellished central Allegro which lead beautifully into the finale, which is characterised by a lilting folk-like melody, Millie used the full range of her dynamic and expressive abilities successfully portray the many different characters if the work, which made for a very riveting performance indeed.

Overall, Millie presented a well thought-out and well-delivered programme of piano music. Well done!

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