A-level Geography trip to Birmingham

Form 7 geographers recently visited Birmingham to assess various layers of its regeneration over the last few years and also to look at a number of key urban processes in action such as re-urbanisation.

Designed to fit in with the human component of the A-level course, the trip was a chance to visit an increasingly evolving ‘global city’ and was a great opportunity to relate classroom study to the real world.

Places visited included Chamberlain Square to see the area being redeveloped following the demolition of the old ‘brutalist’ 1960s Central Library, the new Library of Birmingham in Centenary Square and the office development in Brindley Place. The final stops of the day were the Mailbox 'lifestyle' development and the Bull Ring.

By the end of the trip, the students had a much clearer understanding of the subject and for many of them this study also generated a real change in their view of the city.

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