A “captivating performance” at Lunchtime concert

A “captivating performance” at Lunchtime concert
Wednesday 2 March

Julia Yan recitalJulia’s performance of Haydn’s Allegro moderato from his Concerto in G was performed with style and ease. Brisk and light in character, technical challenges were mastered and there was a lovely fluency throughout. Julia clearly enjoyed her performance of this lively piece and interpreted it with interest and responsiveness.

Tchaikovsky’s Scherzo, is the second of his Three Pieces. Julia demonstrated total commitment to her performance of this demanding piece. Commendable control of the bow, fingering techniques and a charismatic spiccato led to another captivating performance. A lyrical and expressive legato passage provided fitting contrast.

Julia’s performance of Copland’s ‘Hoe-Down’ was engaging and vivid. She achieved her intention to express joy and freedom in the music. This was a dynamic and controlled performance with great communication with the accompanist.

Thanks to Anne Bolt for her wonderful accompaniment.


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