Activities, Podcasts, Video Streaming and more

As well as all the activities and challenges that are available on Microsoft Teams for your child, we asked our teachers for their suggestions to help us pass the time at home during social isolation - see some of their recommendations below:- 


  • Visit the new Play On website, set up by the Associated Board (ABRSM), which has an updated mix of features, tutorials, competitions and advice guides etc.
  • Take part in virtual music competitions offered by St Edmundsbury Cathedral and Warwick Music Online Festival
  • Stream online performances. The Guardian has a page of suggestions.
  • The Royal Opera House has launched a programme of free online content via their Facebook and Youtube channels.



  • Visit the RSC website for resources and ideas for home learning
  • Enjoy world-class theatre online with the National Theatre home. From  2 April National Theatre Live will be streaming, One Man ,Two Guvnors which will be available until 9th April, followed by Jane Eyre for a week and others to follow after that.
  • Watch The Wind in the Willows stage production online.

  • The Bolshoi ballet are offering 6 classical ballets starting with Swan Lake this Friday at 4pm through their You Tube channel  . If you miss it, it will be available free of charge for 24 hours after the broadcast.



  • Watch the brilliant documentary series The Age of the Image on BBC Four, in which James Fox explores how the power of images has transformed the modern world.
  • The Guardian online has drawn attention to Museums and Art galleries whose collections can be viewed online.
  • Listen to some fascinating talks on HENI Talks, featuring stories of Art from the world's leading experts.
  • Visit the site Artpedagogy, which aims to promote reflective, authentic art and design teaching and learning.
  • Visit the site which helps Art teachers with home learning.
  • Look out for Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry's new Channel 4 show Grayson's Art Club that will teach the self-isolating nation how to find their creative side.
  • Follow Instagram account @isolationartsschool for projects, lessons and tips by artists to help people get creating while housebound during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Follow Instagram account @OakhamArt
  • Listen to the Podcast series Sculpting Lives - exploring the lives of five women forging successful careers and contributing in ground-breaking ways to the histories of sculpture and art.
  • The Tate Gallery has a 360-degree virtual tour online.
  • View the latest exhibitions at The National Gallery virtual tours.
  • Take some Cartoon lessons on YouTube with Pete McKee.



  • Julie Dawn Cole, who played the original Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (and is the Tes mental health columnist), is reading the book it was based on – Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – aloud one chapter a night at 6pm on her Facebook page.

  • Check out Teacher of English, Mrs Dixon-Dale's top 20 reads for pupils and parents. 




  • Listen to the In Our Time podcast discussion series exploring a wide variety of historical topics, presented by Melvyn Bragg. 



  • Watch sports documentaries on Netflix:

1) Icarus (2017)

Run Time: 121 min | IMDb: 7.9/10

This Oscar-winning documentary dives into the world of doping in competitive cycling. Netflix bought the distribution rights to Icarus after a strong showing from director and co-writer Bryan Fogel’s film at Sundance. The documentary plays out as a thriller, with Fogel chasing the truth about cycling cheats and stumbling onto a major International doping scandal. Watch as a chance meeting with a Russian scientist turns a story that started as a simple experiment into a geopolitical thriller and one of the biggest scandals in cycling history.

2) Last Chance U (2016-19)

Run Time: 32 episodes, 55 min | IMDb: 8.5/10

This docu-series looks at the world of college football with a bit of a twist. The first two seasons chronicled the story of how East Mississippi Community College and coach Buddy Stephens with his team — many of who had lost their spot at major college football programs for rules violations or arrests — try to win a collegiate title and rehabilitate their football careers. One unique aspect of the show was the role academic adviser Brittany Wagner had in shepherding the players through their semesters, trying to balance play on the field with performance in the classroom and personal growth off the field. The show’s third season introduced viewers to Independence Community College in Indiana, a departure from the first two seasons, yet following a similar story arc that made the show a streaming hit.

3) Cheer (2019)

Run Time: 6 episodes, 60 min | IMDb: 8.2/10

Cheer is an inside look at small college’s top-ranked cheerleading team in Corsicana, Texas. But what sounds like a charming exploration of a niche sport quickly becomes a harrowing look at a high-stakes and dangerous sports subculture. From Greg Whiteley, the executive producer of football documentary series Last Chance U, Cheer is visually stunning and emotionally tough. It’s an inside look at physical realities of competitive cheerleading in small-town college life and the students it attracts, often as a way out of some tough situations. That includes the dangers that come with competing and all the work put into just a few minutes that determine a national championship.

4) The Dawn Wall (2018)

Run Time: 100 min | IMDb: 8.2/10

The Dawn Wall isn’t Solo, which just won an Oscar for best documentary earlier in 2019. But there are a lot of stories to tell about El Capitan. One of climbing’s most famous landmarks was conquered by Alex Honnold without any ropes, but Tommy Caldwell’s story of triumph is every bit as compelling. The climbing legend’s quest to chart a new path up the peak in Yosemite National Park is as fascinating as it is harrowing. The film won the Audience Award at SXSW’s film festival, and it tells an amazing story that covers Caldwell’s extraordinary biography as well as the most intense climb of his life. The documentary is a great look at the world of climbing, and is visually stunning. It also does a great job of illustrating just how difficult his climb up The Dawn Wall was, and the way it was experienced by the rest of the world.

  • Visit Dr Chatterjee's website for healthy tips.
  • Follow @OakhamSport on Instagram for weekly workouts and sport specific skills.




Science/General Knowledge

  • Brainson! - A science podcast for curious children and adults. Co-hosted each week by child scientists and reporters from public radio, the topics discussed range from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats. 
  • NASA Kids is perfect for space fans. Learn all about the universe we live in by viewing these online videos.
  • Watch short lessons on an eye-popping range of topics on, which could be set daily by parents for their children, or watched together. 
  • Maddie Moate’s live streaming programme on YouTube channel ‘Let’s Go Live’. On at 11 am each weekday morning. Last week’s theme was Garden and this week is about Amazing Bodies.




Current Affairs (for parents)

  • Listen to the podcast The Week Unwrapped, which delves into the most important stories from the past 7 days, presented by Olly Mann.
  • Listen to the Audio Long Reads podcast, which is a selection of the Guardian's long reads, including in-depth journalism from around the world.