Linguists win prizes

Upper School students recently took part in the Business Language Champion ‘All the World’s Your Stage’ workshop held in Nottingham.

Head of German Mrs Phillipa Sykes tells us more:

“Students were divided into language groups and given the task of writing and then performing a short play. Storyboards were produced, scripts written and props chosen. Each group was interviewed in the target language about the theme of their play and why they had chosen it.

The groups then performed their play on stage. The Globe (Meg and Bella) performed a play in Spanish about the role of women during Franco’s era in Spain.  The Palacio Teatro’s (Eve and Pippa) play was also in Spanish and was about love and relationships. The German play gave a fairy tale a modern twist and had roles for a witch, prince and princess. Eliza played an excellent ‘Hexe’ and this play was runner up. There were two French plays and Lada starred in the winning production ‘Un voyage désastreux’, which had the audience laughing from start to finish. Megan was awarded two prizes – best fluency and best letter of application and Bella won the best actor in dramatic role category.”