Form 6 student enters Lancaster University Modern Languages Schools Essay Competition

Form 6 language students were invited to take part in the Lancaster University Modern Language Essay Competition for the second year running.

Head of Languages, Mr Edward Milner tells us more:

“The brief was to write an essay on the title “Learn Languages to Speak to the Future”, which may be interpreted in whatever way one wishes.

There were a similar number of entries to last year, all of high quality, in French, Spanish and German.  All were strong both linguistically and in terms of subject focus and argumentation. Any would have been worthy winners. As we are only allowed to submit one essay overall, the winner this year was Ella Thomas, whose essay in French examining the international importance of English in relation to other languages was very closely argued.

Internal Prizes also go to Zena Robinson, for a fine essay in German examining the possibility of communication with extra-terrestrial life through a universal language, and Emma Hearn who examined idiom and the influence of language on identity in Spanish.”