Literary Lockdown 2021

Welcome to Oakham School’s celebration and exhibition of all things literary! 

Our #LiteraryLockdown2021 project is a celebration of the power of literature to provide solace and solidarity, adventure and amusement, and lots and lots of fun. 

While the world is a little less busy, we’ll be spending a little more time reading books, exploring our own writing, and celebrating literary creativity in every form.

On this page, you can meet our talented and friendly English teachers and students in video, written and interactive content and share a very literary adventure.

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In contemplating Leontia Flynn’s poem ‘The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled’, our sixth formers considered how we collect souvenirs as we travel through life, and explore Flynn’s assertion that:

‘the furthest distances I’ve travelled 

have been those between people. And what survives 

of holidaying briefly in their lives.’

Here you can see Kate and Freya’s wonderfully visual work.

You can read or listen to the poem on The Poetry Archive website here:

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Inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah’s phenomenal ‘Dis Poetry’, Mr Fairweather’s Second Form pupils have written their own creative works to explore this fascinating question. Read their lively and lyrical ideas in this fun video. What is poetry to you? We’d love to know your thoughts. Thank you to Benjamin Zephaniah for inspiring us in our #LiteraryLockdown2021

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‘I tired of the routine of eight years in one afternoon. I desired liberty; for liberty I gasped; for liberty I uttered a prayer!’

No, this brilliant quote doesn’t describe our present lockdown but rather Jane Eyre’s feelings about Lowood School in Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel. In online English lessons this week, Mrs Fear encouraged an entertaining break from routine when her First Form students dressed up as Inspectors visiting Lowood School. What do you think their verdict might have been? Outstanding or in need of improvement? And can you spot some rather furry assistant inspectors? Well done to First Form for embracing a very literary lockdown!

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In the first of our ‘Lockdown Lectures’ series, Dr Diana Hallam discusses the Ghost in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. A deliciously knotty problem, thinking about the Ghost takes us to the heart of this complex play. Whether you enjoy this lecture for fun or use it for A' level revision we hope you enjoy it. Tag us with your thoughts at #LiteraryLockdown2021. We’d love to hear from you! 


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We were very inspired by Amanda Gorman’s  performance at the US Presidential inauguration! Below is a video by Isabelle in Form 3 in response to her work, and a video I’ve made on the topic, too.



Below is a fabulous piece of artwork from Katerina, in Form 4. Her artwork features text from Gorman’s works as a tribute to this inspirational young poet.


Below is some original artwork created by Lena in Form 3.

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