Public Benefit

Oakham School is committed to education, but we are more than just a school; we are, and always have been, an educational charity. An integral part of our original statutes, set down by our Founder in 1584, is to provide an academic education to local pupils. We are committed to extending our educational reach as far as possible by making Oakham accessible to those who could not otherwise afford to come here and by making our expertise and facilities available to students who are not our pupils. The information below gives you a small glimpse into support we offer to those outside the immediate Oakham School community.

Harington School

Oakham School has been working together with Catmose College and Uppingham Community College to sponsor Harington School, a Sixth Form Free School that opened in 2015 in Rutland.

We are immensely proud that Harington was, in its second year, judged to be Outstanding in all categories by Ofsted.  Read about Harington’s first Ofsted report.

As well as help from our Senior Leadership Team, Oakham has supported Harington School Science Department with the development of the new A-level courses and providing the use of laboratories for Physics and Chemistry lessons. Our English Department has also invited Harington students on English trips and to join our pupils hearing from external speakers. We have been pleased to assist students with their medical applications for universities. The School Library is also available for groups of Harington School students to use.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Oakham School CCF is currently partnering a Cadet Expansion Programme with 30 cadets from Kettering Buccleuch Academy. We are facilitating Kettering Buccleuch Academy officers with their training and administrative support to enable them to stand alone within the next 18 months. Two of our senior cadets support at ‘Knight School’, a club for 6-8 year olds teaching children morals and respect.

Oakham School Music Department

We work with Oakham Choral Society, providing them with a conductor, accompanist and either free or subsidised room hire. We also provide similar support for Rutland Concert Band and Rutland Big Band. With an annual programme of over 80 musical performances each year, almost all of which are open to the community free of charge, including the popular weekly Music at Lunchtime series, the department is very busy. We also host events (free of charge) for local primary schools, such as singing days or music workshops.


Pupils from local schools are invited to enjoy author events alongside our pupils. 

Exhibitions in the Library foyer are open to the public and draw significant interest.


Oakham School Sailing staff coach local young sailors and loan boats for use in competitions. They also organise local and regional sailing events for participation by local club members. At the Sailing World Championships, Oakham School provides administrative support and manpower, along with the use of their boats at the event.