Get the insider’s guide to Oakham School by discovering the definitions of the words and phrases that you’ll hear staff and pupils using around the campus.


The BAF Smith Sports Pavilion, which was opened in 2014 and is situated on Doncaster Close

The Barraclough

The school dining hall, where students and staff eat together


Combined Cadet Force – from Form 4 you can become a cadet one of our service options, joining the Army or RAF Sections


Short for congregational practice, when the School comes together in Chapel for hymn practice


The Headmaster's house


The School’s senior prefects, who are selected from Form 7. Originally, there were only 10, nowadays there are 26!

D of E

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – you can opt to do this as your service activity from Form 4


Doncaster Close playing fields, where rugby and cricket matches and training take place. It’s also a great place to relax with friends in the summer.


Half-term break in the middle of each term, lasting for one or two weeks

Family groups

Groups within the Middle School houses, made up of a mixture of pupils from Forms 3 to 6


The playing fields on Kilburn Road, where the Astroturfs and netball courts are also situated

Form 7

The final year at Oakham for students aged 17 to 18; the equivalent of Year 13. Round House and School House are houses designated for Form 7, and the students also wear business dress. rather than school uniform.


Framework for Oakham School Inquiry Learning – this is an initiative to promote independent learning from the Lower School upwards


The department that deals with Development and Fundraising


Head of Department

Informal Chapel

A Sunday chapel service where uniform does not have to be worn


The site on which the Lower School sits, on Burley Road. Lower School pupils are often referred to as Jerwoods pupils.


School finishes at Saturday lunchtime and boarders can go home until Sunday night.


Learning Habits at Oakham – a set of essential building blocks to promote efficient independent learning

Long Leave-out

This is the same as a leave-out, but with a two-night break

Lower One

Year group with pupils aged 10 to 11; the equivalent of Year 6


This stands for Old Oakhamian – an ex-student of Oakham School


Oakham School Arts Festival – an annual festival where students can write, produce and perform their own plays, all without any teacher input


Oakham School Charities Association – pupils can become OSCA reps and help organise charity events and choose the charities and causes that the School supports


Oakham School Enterprises Ltd – the department in the School that handles venue hire and use of school facilities

Out Back

The garden at the back of the Lower School boarding houses – a great place for playing games at the weekend


Progress Report – parents receive one of these every half term for their child


Bread and butter, milk and fresh fruit collected daily from the school kitchens for each house. Pupils take it in turns in pairs to collect this on a daily basis.


Parent Teacher Committee


The Queen Elizabeth Theatre - the School’s theatre, which is also home to the Drama department. We hold five show-stopping major productions here every year.

Red Book

A small red book published termly detailing everything that’s happening in the term, as well as listing contact details for all members of staff and the school rules


The Middle School day houses campus on Ashwell Road, which has a large visitors’ car park


Senior Leadership Team 

The Ashburton

A classroom block and home to Modern Languages and Classics. It also has a small lecture theatre.

The Merton

A classroom block and home to English, Geography, History, Mathematics, , Learning Support  and Religion and Philosophy


Voluntary Action – one of the three service options, where pupils take part in a range of activities to help others in the community


Wilson Auditorium – a large auditorium seating over 200 where talks and assemblies are held