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The Foundation

Excellence and inclusivity have been at the heart of the Oakham philosophy for over four hundred years and we are dedicated to blending academic excellence with opportunity beyond the classroom, providing all our pupils with the skills and qualities to lead a successful and happy life. 

Although the financial management of the School is excellent, reliance on fee income alone does not allow for planned capital developments or to fund bursaries and, unlike many independent schools, the School does not have a significant endowment either.  Securing additional funding through philanthropic activity is therefore as vital today as it always has been, to ensure that the School continues to attract and retain the very best teachers for our pupils and provide an inspirational environment in which they can thrive. Charitable support at all levels has always played a vital role in our development: from our Founder Archdeacon Robert Johnson in 1584 to more recent examples such as the Jerwood School of Design, Mehra Faculty of Science, Wilson Fields Pavilion, BAF Smith Pavilion and the Social Sciences Faculty.

The Oakham School Foundation focuses on offering OOs, parents and Friends of the School the opportunity to be a part of continuing to create a very special environment for our pupils now and in the future, as well as helping young people who would truly benefit from having the opportunity of coming to Oakham School.

Your support has already achieved so much (which you can read about here) but pupils need your ongoing support: from enhancing the learning experience to continued support for pupil bursaries.  I consider it a great privilege to be able to play a role in supporting the development of Oakham School and I hope you will join our group of supporters by making a donation to the Oakham School Foundation.

Anna Bentley
Development Director