Have a look at some of the major musical achievements by Oakhamians over recent years. Please let us know if there are any omissions!

Music College Admissions

2013  Royal Academy of Music (scholarship)  Elizabeth Bass harp
   Royal College of Music  James Douglas viola
2012  Guildhall School of Music & Drama (postgraduate)   Georgia Gibson-Smith piano
2011  Royal Academy of Music  Anna Lusty  viola
   Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama  Harriet Flather  clarinet
   Trinity Laban  James Douglas  violin
2010     Guildhall School of Music & Drama  Chris Brice  percussion
   Guildhall School of Music & Drama (postgraduate)  Miranda Heldt  soprano
2009  Guildhall School of Music & Drama  Olivia Watts bassoon
   Trinity College of Music  Soraya Vermeulen  harp
2008  Royal College of Music (postgraduate)  Danny Saleeb  composition
2007  Royal College of Music (junior department)  Harriet Flather  clarinet
2002  Trinity College of Music  Graham Freeman  trumpet
2001  Guildhall School of Music & Drama   Dingle Yandell  bass


Choral Scholarships

2013-16  King’s College, London  Eleanor Wood
2012-16  St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh  George Wood
2012-15  Exeter College, Oxford  Nathan Ellis
2012-15  Exeter Cathedral  Peter Hale
2012-13  Auckland Cathedral, NZ  Angus Bower-Brown
2011-14  King's College, London  Angus McPhee
2011-12  St David's Cathedral  Peter Hale
2010-14  Durham Cathedral  William Kilvington-Shaw   
2010-13  Belfast Cathedral  Bethany Coates
2010-11  York Minster  Angus McPhee
2009-10  Truro Cathedral  William Kilvington-Shaw
2009-10  Portsmouth Cathedral  Isaac Knight
2007-10  St Mary's, Nottingham  Emma Fox
2005-08  Magdalen College, Oxford  Danny Saleeb
2004-07  Girton College, Cambridge  Miranda Heldt
2004-05  St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh  Danny Saleeb


University Admissions for Music

2013  King’s College, London
 Nottingham University
 Southampton University
 University of York
 Eleanor Wood
 Alice McLaren
 Rhian Owen
 Angus Bower-Brown
2012      Birmingham University (combined honours)  Holly Singlehurst
   Goldsmiths, University of London  Stephen Tatlow
2011       King's College, London  Angus McPhee
2010  Manchester University  Rhiannon Douty
2009  Oxford University (Christ Church)    Georgia Gibson-Smith
2008  Durham University  Harriet  Kilvington-Shaw
2006  Roehampton University, London  Vicky Freeman
2005  Oxford University (Magdalen)  Danny Saleeb
2001  Cambridge University (St Catharine's)    Ulrike Petersen
1998  Cambridge University (King's)  Daniel Hyde
   Cambridge University (Emmanuel  Thomas Wiggall


Instrumental Scholarships

2012  Wells Cathedral  William Fox junior organ scholar
2011     Bristol Uni. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (Music)  Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova
1998  King's College, Cambridge, Organ Scholarship  Daniel Hyde
   Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Organ Scholarship  Thomas Wiggall


National/Regional Ensemble Representation

 National Youth Orchestra  Elizabeth Bass joint princ harp (2011-12) 
 National Schools' Symphony Orchestra  Angus Bower-Brown horn (2010-12)
   Lucy-Rose Graham 'cello (2010-12)
   Alva Muris violin (2011-12)
   Philippa Elmer oboe (2012)
   Emma Farmer 'cello (2012)
 National Youth Strings Academy  Vanessa White violin (2013)
   Catherine Lear double bass (2008-11)
   James Douglas violin (2009-20100
 National Youth Wind Orchestra  Harriet Flather clarinet (2010)
 National Youth Brass Band  Chris Brice percussion (2009-10)
 National Youth Jazz Collective  Eleanor Wood vocals (2012)
 National Youth Music Theatre  Stephen Tatlow piano (2012)
   Vanessa White violin (2012)
   Rhiannon Douty vocal/acting (2008-09)
   Christopher Earley vocal/acting (2008)
   Katie Hall vocal/acting (2008)
 National Children's Orchestra  Ella Johnson flute (2012-13)
   James Warbrick violin (2013)
   Philippa Elmer  oboe (2010)
 National Children's Choir  Imogen Brown soprano (2011-2012)
   Eleanor Bunce soprano (2011-20120
 English Schools' Symphony Orcehstra  Philippa Elmer oboe (2011)
   Lucy-Rose Graham 'cello (2012-13)
 Rodolfus Choir  Emily Hall (2010-12)
 CBSO Youth Orchestra  Lucy-Rose Graham 'cello (2012-13)
   Elizabeth Bass harp (2011-12)
 Virtuosi GUS Band  Chris Brice  percussion (2009)


Major Prizewinners

 The Lyon & Healey Award Competition  Elizabeth Bass winner (2013)
 Marguerite Swan Memorial Prize for Violincello  Emma Farmer Grade 6 winner (2013)
 Royal Opera House Fanfare Competition  Francis Wignall winner (2012)
   Charlie Abbott winner (2011)
   Lucy-Rose Graham winner (2010)
 Manchester Amateur Choral Competition  Chamber Choir youth winners (2011)
 BBC Songs of Praise School Choir of the  Year    Chamber Choir finalists (2012)
 BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year  Chamber Choir
       National Selection stage (2008 & 2012)
       Youth Choir finalists (2006)
 Nottingham Young Pianist of the Year  Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova (2009)
 Rotary Young Musician Competition: Eastern Region final   Eleanor Wood 'cello (2012)
 Rotary Young Musician Competition: Rutland solo winner    Vanessa White violin (2011)
 Leamington Spa Competitive Festival   Anna Lusty viola overall winner (2010)
        Ethel Overbury Cup & Sinnet Trophy  Vanessa White violin (2012)
        Barbara Thoday Cup for viola playing  Anna Lusty (2010), Vanessa White viola (2011)
        McCreadie Memorial Trophy/Music House Cup  Vanessa White violin (2012)
 Leicester Competitive Festival of Music and Dramatic Art  
        Young Vocalist of the Year  Charlotte Senescall soprano (2012)
        Young Performer of the Year  Vanessa White clarinet (2011)


Dip ABRSM Music

 Ella Ward clarinet (2012)
 Anna Lusty  viola (2010)                                                     
 Angus McPhee  singing (2010)
 Georgia Gibson-Smith  piano (2009)
 William Kilvington-Shaw  trombone (2009)
 Harriet Kilvington-Shaw  clarinet (2008)


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