From the Head Boy


My name is Alex and I have the honour of being this year’s Head Boy. As a nervous and reserved thirteen-year-old, I was fairly apprehensive at starting my time at Oakham in Form 3, as it is a big school compared to my prep school, Witham Hall. However, by throwing myself into all the opportunities Oakham offers like Sport, Duke of Edinburgh and School trips to name a few, this really enabled me to obtain a close group of friends with similar interests, helping to boost my confidence. My fellow pupils and the staff at Oakham all helped to make a warm, friendly and nurturing environment in which I thrived. In Upper School, I am studying History, Geography and Sport Science, and I am looking to go to university having had a gap year to gain a broader experience of life by working and travelling abroad. Oakham School has enabled me to visit a variety of countries for the first time which has given me an appetite for travel. Mirroring my A-levels, I have been to France, Germany and Poland with the History Department, Iceland and Morocco with the Geography Department and enjoyed a fantastic sports tour to South Africa to play rugby, where we experienced the culture first hand by meeting and staying with the opposition families. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing all three major sports across my four years at the School and have represented the School’s 1st XI at Hockey and Cricket. Oakham has also offered more unusual activities like croquet, ultimate frisbee and water polo among others, which have all been great fun and created variety in my school timetable. Like many of my fellow pupils, I have been able to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and have just completed my Gold walk in the Lake District. What I love most about Oakham is the pure sense of community, positivity and willingness that seem to prevail among fellow Oakhamians and to see around me the friendships that blossom with absolute ease. My advice for anyone looking to join Oakham would be simply to back yourself and try new things; you never know unless you try. Many students at Oakham never knew the talent they had before taking the step into the wide world of opportunity that Oakham offers.