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Foundation Projects

The Oakham School Foundation Project Fund allows the School to put in place a number of projects which enrich the experience of our pupils both inside and outside of the classroom.  The projects usually take less than 12 months to establish, so the benefit can be immediate for our current pupils as well as beneficial for the generations of Oakhamians to come.  Our 2017 projects include:

The House of Commons backdrop

The House of Commons backdrop will provide the perfect environment for lively debates.  The backdrop will add a formality to the proceedings and encourage each pupil to take it in turn to speak, it will additionally help to push activities to new levels of participation and excitement.

Books for Lower School boarding libraries

Regular night-time reading already takes place within the house.  Enhanced library facilities will increase the regularity, quality and impact of this recognised educational and healthy routine.  Reading at bed-time is proven to enhance learning quality and mental well-being.  It is a habit that as a School we must support and develop.

Sports Psychology

The achievement of high-level sporting performers is not surprisingly associated with positive behaviour traits such as: determination, confidence, persistence, autonomy and self-efficacy. These broad characteristics enable the pursuit of excellence and the realisation of potential.  The focus of this project will be to develop such skills within our pupils through the intervention of school based sports psychology. 

Wooden debating stands

These stands will raise the profile of debating across the School through providing a purpose built platform to debate.  The stands will be used in a wide variety of ways including speaker's corner, mooting competitions and class debates.

Equipment for the green power kit car

The design department has embraced the opportunity to get pupils involved with STEM projects. The Green Power Kit Car is an excellent practical project that will enable pupils to get involved at all stages, including creation, design and engineering.


We cannot wait to see all of our projects in action, we know that they will once again provide an additional dimension to the activities already on offer.  Thank you to our regular donors for helping to make such deserving projects a reality. If you would like to support our Foundation Projects, please CLICK HERE.