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Fees for academic year 2019-2020

Upper/Middle School




Flexi-boarding (up to 5 nights) 


Day £7,120
Lower School Lower One Forms 1 & 2







Transitional Boarding 5 nights £8,270 £9,040


4 nights




3 nights




2 nights






Payment of fees is due on the first day of the School term. Fees are reviewed for the following year in the Spring Term, and announced by the Chairman of Trustees at the end of that term.

What is included?

The fees cover the cost of boarding (if applicable), tuition, meals, textbooks and many of the options on the activities programme. Some expenses such as trips, expeditions and clothing, may be charged as ‘extras’ on the School Account, together with optional extras such as additional music lessons.


  • For siblings

    We offer a 10% discount against the day fee for the third and subsequent siblings to attend the School.
  • For children of HM Armed forces and Government Services personnel

    We offer a discount (currently 10% per full boarder excluding extras) to children of HM Armed Forces personnel in receipt of the Continuity of Education Allowance. Bursary assistance may additionally be available, dependent upon individual circumstances. We may also offer this discount to those in Government Service who are in receipt of an allowance to provide continuity of education.

Ways to pay

You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, direct debit (four monthly payments per term), or debit/credit card (credit card usage incurs a charge).

Fees in Advance scheme

The School operates a scheme whereby a lump sum payment may be made to cover future day or boarding fees. The scheme is beneficial for higher rate taxpayers as, provided the proceeds are used to pay school fees, the discount gained on the capital sum is completely free of tax. You can download full information and an application form, or email the Finance Bursar, Andrew West, for a personalised quotation.


Monthly payments

The School operates a direct debit scheme which splits the core termly fees into four monthly instalments. You can email the Finance Bursar for more information.


Contact  Maxine Kane


Fees in Advance Scheme


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