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SpringBoard Bursaries and Scholarships


"I like the feeling of community within Oakham School, and the events that are organised either by staff or pupils further strengthen the community spirit. Oakham has given me more hope for the future by providing opportunities that I wouldn’t necessarily have had if I’d stayed at my previous school."

Springboard Pupil

The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation identifies able students from challenging backgrounds for whom a boarding experience at Oakham would be appropriate. SpringBoard, in partnership with the School, then provides pastoral support to the students and ensures a smooth transition to Oakham life.

By providing each scholar with £35k of funding per year, SpringBoard Bursaries offer 110% of the annual full boarding fee. This enables the student to excel in their studies and also provides funding for extra-curricular trips and activities that contribute to a full Oakham experience.

Thanks to a combination of donations and School investment, we have been able to welcome three SpringBoard Scholars to the School since 2014. Each pupil is excelling and immersing themselves in the abundant opportunities that Oakham can provide.

We are very proud of this achievement, but we want to do more. We want to extend the benefits and impact of an Oakham education to more young people so that we can have a transformative and far-reaching impact on the lives of disadvantaged pupils. These Oakhamians will, in turn, contribute to making Oakham School a diverse, healthy, and vibrant environment for everyone, but we cannot do it without you.

To realise our vision, we need your help to raise £525,000 as part of a £2 million phase one campaign target. This will allow the School to fund two SpringBoard pupils in each cohort, from Form 3 to Form 7, over the next nine years and provide an incredible opportunity for these pupils to benefit from an Oakham education.


‘SpringBoard Bursaries give children the opportunity to grow and experience an Oakham education. SpringBoard Scholars gain confidence, resilience, and develop a real sense of who they are, ready to move on to the next stage of their life and accept the challenges that lie ahead. Could they do this without the bursary? The holistic nature of an Oakham education alongside strong pastoral care means that the SpringBoard pupils are supported in their aspirations, enabled to fulfil their potential academically, and are also able to embrace the full array of opportunities that Oakham School has to offer. For example, singing with Big Band, touring South Africa with the sports teams, gaining valuable life experiences. These bursaries give pupils a life changing opportunity. We are laying foundations that will bear fruit in 5, 10, maybe 20 years’ time. I have no doubt the impact on the child and family is fundamental and extremely positive.

Sarah Gomm, Deputy Head, Pastoral and Co-Curricular