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Boarding in the Middle and Upper School

The Middle and Upper School Boarding Houses are where boarders will spend the majority of their time at Oakham. They start there in Form 3 and leave at the end of Form 6, ready for the move to the final year Houses in the oldest part of the School.

All six Middle and Upper School Boarding Houses are conveniently situated around Doncaster Close, the main playing fields at the heart of the School. They are within a stone’s throw of the Barraclough Dining Hall, the Library, the Drama, Music, Art and Design and Sport facilities, which makes the journey to lessons and extra-curricular activities extremely easy.

Each House is home to around 60–70 pupils together with the Housemaster or Housemistress and their Resident Tutor team. We have two Boarding Houses that are dedicated to flexible boarders (Stevens for girls and Wharflands for boys), while the other four Boarding Houses are home to the full boarders. All Houses are superbly equipped with study areas, common rooms, and a kitchen for making snacks. Most accommodation is in twin rooms, although younger boarders enjoy sharing with four or more friends. Pupils can personalise their rooms with posters, photos and anything else that makes it feel more homely.

House life is busy and fun-packed and the weekends are no exception. Saturday mornings are spent in lessons, after which a large proportion of pupils will take part in the afternoon’s sporting programme. There is a wealth of social events on offer in-House or joint with another House, and many opportunities to pursue hobbies, catch up with prep or simply to relax.

The interhouse competitions really step up a gear in this part of the School with a packed programme of events throughout the year – sporting, dramatic, musical, and academic –that the pupils organise and run themselves. Playing for “House pride” and showing “House spirit” are familiar mantras used by all pupils in this part of the School.