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Tessa Drummond

Housemistress of Rushebrookes

Rushebrookes, in its picturesque canal setting overlooking the School playing fields, is a place full of friendly warmth, where we share pride in each other’s achievements. It is a Boarding House for around 60 girls aged 13–17 years; each girl brings her own special talents and gifts to the House and I encourage them to value each other’s strengths.

Values that are embedded in Rushebrookes and that I nurture in all the girls are: to be kind and interested in others, to be intrepid, and be willing to step into the breach when needed. Rushebrookes is somewhere where there is time to get to know lots of girls and the idea of friendship in depth is a thread which ties together every aspect of House life.

Friendship in depth is a thread which ties together every aspect of House life.

Together with my experienced and enthusiastic team of tutors, we encourage the girls to embrace the opportunities the School has to offer, whether it be in the realms of academia, sport or cultural activities. We hope that students will leave us with many happy memories and a real sense of achievement.

Typically the Form 6 girls play a pivotal role in the organisation of the House. As well as organising house trips and events, they head up family groups that provide guidance, support and friendship to the younger girls in House. A great example of this is a group of girls from different year groups who have recently bonded over a shared love of books and films. 

History of the House

  • Purpose-built in 1980, Rushebrookes is named after Oakham School’s first Headmaster, Robert Rushbrooke.
  • Mystery surrounds the exact date that the extra “e” was added to the House name and the reasons for its addition. Perhaps it is a nod to the rushes that grow in abundance near the “Rushebrookes Bridge”, where the girls cross the canal to reach the School playing fields? 

About the Housemistress

I joined Oakham School in 2008 as Housemistress of Rushebrookes having previously run both the Sixth Form and a 13–18 girls boarding house in my previous school. I have three children and my husband is also a teacher. In addition to teaching academic Music, I also coach lacrosse.